Insya Allah the Haven For Palestine T Shirt will be available to our Australian brothers and sisters soon via our new volunteer in Adelaide, Australia. I will keep you posted on this development.

Due to popular demand, I have reprinted the tanker tee design and they are now available for purchase. You can drop me an email with your order (scroll below for order info ) or go to Little Haven Boutique at the Curve, Mutiara Damansara,Petaling Jaya.

If you are hosting or attending a support Palestine event and wish to volunteer selling the T Shirts, you can also send me an email at Please be reminded that all profits will be channeled to MERCY MALAYSIA.

Please scroll down to see the T shirts.
Note : I've only started selling for two weeks but I'm already out of the Tanker Tow design. Due to popular demand, I will be doing a reprint of this design in white and possibly navy.

Attended a fund raising event for Palestine?.Do email me pictures of you wearing our T shirts and I will post it on this blog - email Please write title : T Shirt Gallery.

About Us

Birth of Haven For Palestine

Haven For Palestine clothing line was born out of the need to create continous awareness of the pain in Palestine and eventually raise funds for the people of Palestine who are currently subjected to one of the greatest if not the greatest war crime in human history. Every minute Israel is terrorising , I feel helpless for not being able to do anything being so small and so far away.

But this does not mean that I want to sit still and do nothing.

With my retail and design background , I decided to create a series of Haven for Palestine t shirts with the goal that buyers will wear them in public places and show their support for Palestine. The t shirts serve also to remind anyone looking at the t shirt graphics to support Palestine in any way they can - be it demonstration, product boycotts, handing out information leaflets , or simply by thinking and praying for Palestine.

In Malaysia, local newspapers are really good about featuring articles on what really goes on in Palestine and the brutality of the Israeli forces. But on the net, unless you search for it, the front page of Yahoo dont even feature the bombings and killings under its main headlines. And why ? Who knows.

Give What You Have, and Its Not Money

Lets not let the Palestinians think that the world has forgotten about them. Everyone should be encouraged to support the Palestinians in any means they have , in any way they know how. Allah S.W.T the most generous and most merciful has given unique talents and abilities to every single individuals to use towards the cause of Islam. And you must look in yourself how you can use what you have to help the Palestinians - directly or indirectly.

Apart from donations, there are plenty of things you can do. If you are good with words, you can write poems about this and have the local papers feature it. If you are a good with websites and an avid blogger, you can create blogs and write ups about this. If you are good with art, you can create artwork depicting the events in Palestine and release the copyright so that people may freely reproduce it to spread the awareness ( i know a few foreign artists who does this. Alhamdulillah ).

I hope that you will wear your support for Palestine. It is silent , but like they say - pictures speak a thousand words.

With Warmest Regards
Sharmi Aryanti Shahrani
Haven For Palestine

Home Security Systems


If you know of any fund raising events for Palestine that you want me to feature on this blog, please email me the details of the events at Write title "Palestine Events"

(OVER)Malam Kesedaran Palestin (Kangar)
17 Februari 2009 (Selasa)

(OVER) Forum Palestin: Antara Realiti dan Kebenaran (Kolej ke-6, Universiti Malaya)
24 February 2009 ( Selasa ) Time : 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm

(OVER) Malam Untukmu Gaza (Perlis)
Date: 27 Februari 2009

Coordinated by JIM ( Pertubuhan Jamaah Islah Malaysia ). Many thanks to Habibah and hubby for volunteering to sell the T Shirts.

by Institute Kefahaman Islam Malaysia (IKIM)

(OVER) HAVEN FOR PALESTINE AT PIBG SRI HIRA/JIM KLANG's Malam Selamatkan Palestine .We opened a booth selling Haven For Palestine T Shirts last Thursday night 22 January 2009 during a support Palestine event at my kids' school. I am amazed at the response - the T shirts flew off the shelves like hot cakes. ALHAMDULILLAH. Big Thank you to all.

RM10 from profit to MERCY

We will be channeling a minimum of RM10 from every t shirt sold to MERCY MALAYSIA. So not only you get to wear your support for Palestine, you will also be contributing to the relief fund. But like I tell my friends again and again, the main goal is to WEAR the T shirts in public places.

I know there are scums out there who collect donations and they never reach the intended parties because all the money went into their own pockets. To assure our buyers that our intention is genuine, I am happy to attach a letter from MERCY acknowledging this small fundraising effort. Hopefully we can get it to snowball to something bigger - Insya Allah.

How To Order T Shirts

To Place an Order, you can :-


1) Call/sms me at 012-2895141 or email at to check stock, size availability and suitable collection time.

2) Once confirmed, you call collect t-shirts either at my baby/children shop, Little Haven at The Curve Shopping Center in Mutiara Damansara or at my Toy Kiosk at 1st floor, SACC MALL in Shah Alam.


1) Email me at Please write 't shirt order' in the title so I dont accidentally delete them. Include your name, hp number and order details which is the design name, color and size.


You can call / sms me your order at 012-2895141.

2) Deposit your payment into my Maybank2U Account or via Maybank cash deposit machines.
Name: Sharmi Aryanti Shahrani
Maybank Account No: 164726002093
Kindly keep reference number or any receipts as proof of payment.
Dont forget to add RM 5.00 per t-shirt for shipping via POSLAJU /POS EXPRESS
For International Orders, email me so I can provide details.

3) SMS me when you have deposited the payment and SMS me your name and full address so I can proceed with shipping.

4) Wear your t shirt everywhere and tell people where you get them :)


Please email me your order with the title 't shirt order - international' and I'll get a shipping quote for you. If you can get some of your friends to buy, you can pool order and save on shipping too. FYI - my biggest size is XL. May have to start printing biger sizes for my European friends soon.

Thank you for your support .

T Shirt : Killing Robot

Design : Killing Robot
Price : RM40
Color : Cream or Navy Blue

Size : S,M,L,XL ( Malaysia sizes )
Shipping : RM5 per piece

This T Shirt came out really nice. The fabric is of a higher quality and softer.The printing on the T shirt is excellent too, the colors striking and bold. Definitely a crowd favourite.

Note: The caption behind the T Shirt is printed slightly higher up than the image above. It is approximately 3" under the back colar.Please remember that this is only a computer graphic from our design table. Actual colors may vary. And I removed the night background behind the robots. It looks better with just the 'flames'

Story Behind The Graphic

Ben Heine did a superb job when designing this graphic. A Belgian cartoonist and journalist, Heine captured the truth in Gaza with his brilliant cartoons. Like Ben, I'm baffled too as to how modern bombs, shells and tanks are made equal to old rockets , sticks and stones. Talk about perception - We see genocide, America sees self defence?

T Shirt : Missile Rain

Design : Missile Rain
Price : RM30
Color : White or
Melange ( Soft Grey ) like the actual picture top left.
Size : S,M,L,XL ( European sizes , Size S = Asian M )
Shipping : RM5 per piece

Story Behind The Graphic

This graphic is the brainchild of Carlos Latuff, an amazing Brazilian cartoonist and opinion maker who creates artwork that call on the world to condemn Israeli holocaust of Gaza.He generously made this statement " I'd like to beg all viewers to spread this image anywhere, as a way to expose Israeli war crimes against Palestinians. Use it on t-shirts, posters, banners. Reproduce it in zines, papers, magazines, and make it visible everywhere.".
Now , THAT is being generous. Alhamdulillah.

Design : Tanker Tow
Price : RM30
Color : White or
Melange ( Soft Grey )
Size : S,M,L,XL ( European sizes , Size S = Asian M )
Shipping : RM5 per piece

Story Behind The Graphic

This graphic is originally a graffiti painted by a Palestinian on the wall surrounding the concentration camp in Gaza. I had my brother DD clean up the images and reproduce the graphic in a way that would look good on the t shirt. Too bad I couldnt credit the original artist for this. But whoever you are , we love your graffiti! Simple and funny but still translates a strong message which in my humble opinion is - GET OUT OF MY LAND!

Above Picture: The original graffiti design.

Contact Us

You can contact me via email at Please write the header 't shirt order' so I dont accidentally delete your email in case it went into junk mail ( you know how it is with hotmail). This is the BEST way to reach me.

Alternatively if you are in Malaysia , you can send me a text message with your order at 6012-2895141.

Other Ways
You can also leave messages for me by calling my Little Haven shop at the Curve ( which by the way opens 10 a.m to 10 p.m EVERYDAY rain or shine) The number to call is 603-77108419. Just ask the girls to pass over your messages to me, and they'll do it when i swing by.

If for some reason you need an address to send me stuff, you can send it to

Little Haven
(Haven For Palestine T Shirts)
Lot 179 First Floor The Curve
No 6 Jalan PJU 7/3
Mutiara Damansara
47800 Petaling Jaya

Since I operate mainly from home, I dont give out my home number unless you want a two year old to pick up the phone, starts blabbering and then refuse to pass it over to mummy.